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Almond Ammaretto Bread Pudding

Step 11loafFrench bread4cupsmilk16 oz cancondensed milkStep 26eacheggs2cupssugar3tpvanilla extract1tpalmond extract1/4cupAmmarettoStep 31cupground cinnamon1cuptoasted almonds2tpbutter or margarine


Step 1
Tear French bread in pieces. Soak in milk and condensed milk.

Step 2
In separate bowl mix eggs, sugar, vanilla and almond extract and ammeretto.

Step 3
In 2 inch x12 inch cooling pan grease with butter or margarine, combine all ingredients, sprinkle almonds pieces and cinnamon on top. Cook at 350 for 30 minutes until firm. Use butter knife to stick in middle, if fork comes out clean, it's ready!